Hourly Rates:

The first hour on all jobs in office hours is a fixed at £95, thereafter the hourly rate of £55 is charged in 15 minute increments. All rates exclude materials.

Mon – Fri - 7am – 6pm - £50

Mon – Fri - 6pm – 12am - £75

Mon – Sun - 12am – 7am - £140 + £60 call out charge

Saturday - 7am – 12am - £100 + £60 call out charge

Sunday - 7am – 12am - £100 + £60 call out charge 


We can provide you with an free estimate before work commences if you ask us to.

Fixed Price:

We will give a verbal or written quote if requested before work commences. However, it may not be possible to give a quote before a site visit to determine how long a job will take.


Materials supplied by us will be charged at trade price plus 20% industry standard mark up.

Material Collection:

Material collection time for non-stock items will be kept to a minimum - any charge will be agreed with the customer in advance and not exceed £50.


An invoice will be produced clearly showing a full description of work carried out


Payment must be made in full in cash or immediate bank transfer at the end of a job or upon receipt of invoice.